An aragami from the Shadow clan.

An aragami is a human whose inflicted with a soul-related illness known as soul's ague.[1] They are believed, however, to be a vengeful spirit.[2]


A ailing race of shadow-like beings, aragami possess a "stain" in which modifies their internal organs and provides regenerative capacity to affected parts of the body during the first phase in their soul's ague affliction. However, the process is considered intensive and painful, though the degree varies between individual as it spreads through the body and they begin losing their humanity (a process called aragamization).[1] Made up of Shadow essence and due to their nature, an aragami can only sufficiently be active at night.[2]

An aragami in it's second phase of soul's ague is immortal and though it lasts for more than a hundred years, the process has a signficant mental and physical impact; memories begin fading and eventually disappear completely. Moments of exaltation and periods of cerebral inactivity occur frequently, psychomotor skills fail, and aragamis begin to walk and talk less frequently.[1]

Aragami in their final stage of soul's ague completely lose their humanity as their soul's crack and began decomposing. Their soul-less body become stone at the very end of the phase. Aragami in this state are known as "Nukegara" and become a obscure, soul eater whose purpose is to only cause pain.[1]

Special Abilities[]

Aragamis have several, special abilities:

  • Aragami Skills: Aragami have special, physical and mystical skills not unlike that of Nisshoku's shadow assasssins, though have some differences.[2]
  • Vital essence: Possessing a soul, Aragamis can utilize essence. Although Shadow essence is their main essence of use, they can also possess some other essence to a degree.[2]

List of known Aragamis[]