The Dakudaga was an ancient guild of assassins consisting of Shadow adepts and the predecessor of Nisshoku.[5]


Founded generations ago, the Dakudaga has become a well-known guild across the continent to the point of being almost mythological in status, claimed to have the best Shadow assassins in the world among their ranks and their income depended on contracts accepted by the guild. Through their acts, the resulting land that inhabits them (later becoming Nisshoku) lacked tyrants and corruption due to Dakudaga's intervention of killing before it takes root.[6]

On July 2, Year 48 of the Fifth Age, Hyo was promoted to being one of the four guild leaders of Dakudaga, effectively taking the place of his former master Fukuro and accepting his pace alongside Inari and two other leaders of Dakudaga.[1]


An ancient guild, Dakudaga is known throughout the continent in a manner similar to that of a myth and are of Hyo's opinion to house the best known shadow assassins in the world.[1] Due to their establishment, Dakudaga is responsible for minimizing internal conflict within their home country by rooting out any sign of corruption or tyranny in the government.[7]

Their primary income are dependent on the jobs they accept, in which include assassination, theft, and espionage. Though income is important, Dakudaga's assassin can deny a job request in the event it conficts or inteferes with their interests.[7]

Dakudaga's leadership consist of four leaders that lead four other groups of the guilds, each spread around the country to ensure power and command do not lead into dictatorship.[7]




  • Yamiko is the fourth woman to have ever joined the ranks of Dakudaga.[8]


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