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Hikaru was one of the Captains of Kaiho and a Light Adept whom was one of the survivors of the Saigosen brotherhood.[1]




Powers and Abilities

  • Vital essence: Descending from Sangosen, Hikaru is a extremely skilled adept that is capable of using more than one type of essence type.[2]
  • Light essence: Originating from Saigosen and later trained under Master Tsuyoshi, Hikaru is a extremely capable Light Adept with healing powers and inhuman speeds that made him capable of killing Dakudaga assassins as a child.[3] He is also able to self-destruct himself in an attempt to finish off an opponent more powerful then himself, engulfing them in an explosion made up of light.[1]
  • Life essence: Hikaru proved able to utilize Life essence in combat, capable enough to perform the sealing technique.[1]
  • Master Swordsman': Hikaru is known to be a master swordsman, is considered the strongest and most skilled of the remaining Kaiho captains, and is feared for his dual blade skills.[4]He was able to fight Aragami for a short bout and managed to battle Hyo and defeat the latter, though he was notably weakened by his infection.[1]

Life essence techniques

  • Sealing Technique: A forbidden technique that allows Hikaru to seal one's soul (or even a piece of it) into himself and utterly weaken the ability of one to use their essence. Hikaru was taught this by Master Tsuyoshi and after using it on the Shadow Empress, manage to use it successfully. However, the side-effect of it proved debilitating, as it weakened him.[1]

Light essence techniques


  • Hikaru's twin swords


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