Hyo was the foster father of Yamiko and one of the four leaders of Dakudaga who trained the aforementioned woman and eventually shaped the Dakudaga into Nisshoku, becoming a councilor at Yamiko's side, her right hand man, and responsible for the "brains" of Nisshoku.[1]



Powers and Abilities[]

Shadow Techniques[]

  • Shadow Leap: A technique that allows Hyo to move instantly by leaping into shadows.
  • Shadow Creation: A technique used to cast a path of shadows to move around his enviroment unnoticed to leap to previously lit surfaces with shadow leap.
  • Shadow Kill: A technique that summons a beast to erase a target from the physical realm and recovers a rune from a equipped Shadow technique. Hyo's beast resembles that of a black panther.
Defensive techniques
  • Shadow Grenade: Hyo will throw a grenade at one enemy (or a group of enemies) that blinds them in the blast radius. *Note: when a grenade is thrown, it won't explode in a huge impact, just like the Explosive Kunai.
  • Kage: A technique that renders Hyo invisible for a few seconds and completely dampen his sounds while active.
Offensive techniques
  • Explosive Kunai: A technique that summons a kunai made up of shadows, capable of being rendered completely silent. The difference in Aragami: Nightfall, however, is when Hyo throws a kunai at the enemy, it'll eventually explode once another enemy or two spots their dead comrade.
  • Twin Shadow: Hyo will aim and mark at the enemy, and he'll call Shinobu to kill the marked target at any moment.



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