Aragami (real name Ryo) is a vengeful spirit summoned by a mysterious woman named Yamiko, enlisting his help in freeing her from imprisonment by the Kaiho, initially unaware of his own past.[1]

Eventually, he is revealed to be General Ryo of Kaiho, the first generals that formerly lead Kaiho . A powerful adept and a skilled swordsman, Ryo eventually gave his life to defeat the Shadow Empress. His soul is eventually reincarnated into the body of Ryuta by the Shadow Empress and becomes the eponymous "Aragami".


Ryo lifetime[]

Earlier Life[]

In his childhood, Ryo was a light adept from Saigosen whom often played with his friends, Sora, Yuki, and Hikaru. They also met Tsuyoshi when Hikaru broke his leg while play, healing them and later teaching them applications of Life essence.[2]

However, two months after Tsuyoshi's departure, the shadowy nation known as Nisshoku attacked the Saigosen camp with Ryo and his friends' family killed in the attack. The four found themselves chased by an assassin led by Hyo. Sora held a barrier of light in place and Ryo attacked with Life essence, killing the man. The four managed to escape and survive the massacre, being the only four survivors of Saigosen.[2]

Ryo and his friends proceeded to train for six months in preparation to scout their former village, which had been turned into a Nisshoku camp. When they got inside, they discovered many dead Saigosen members that survived the previous attack on the village six months prior. This caused Ryo and Hikaru to kill every Nisshoku guard that was guarding the camp in a blinding rage.

Facing the fact that they were alone once again, the four friends stayed in the village until they noticed Kibo, Master Tsuyoshi's raven, flying above them. They followed the raven, discovering along the trail that there were many groups that had been attacked by Nisshoku. After following Kibo for 18 months, they finally reached their journey's end and met with Master Tsuyoshi face to face. They talked about the damage that Nisshoku had dealt to the world. Eventually, they told Tsuyoshi that they were planning to lead a counter-attack on Nisshoku. In the following time, Tsuyoshi taught the four about Life essence and how to use it properly in and out of combat. He even teaches them the Sealing Technique as a last resort to defeat the Shadow Empress.

Leading Kaiho[]

Ryo, Yuki, Sora, and Hikaru take the knowledge they've gathered and start recruiting followers to form Kaiho. They use a rare mineral called Hikalcum, which can store and emit Light essence easily no matter how inept a soldier is with Light essence. They use it in all of the Kaiho weapons. Some soldiers even engrave light essence onto their hands, and eventually in their bloodstream. Soon enough, They train the soldiers until they are ready to take the fight to Nisshoku and the Shadow Empress, and they attack.

Trapping the Shadow Empress[]

Sacrificing himself to seal the Shadow Empress, Ryo died during the process, pushing the technique further than anyone had. The four leaders of Kaiho managed to trap the Shadow Empress using the Sealing Technique taught to them by Master Tsuyoshi, who was also aiding them in the attack on Nisshoku.

Aragami lifetime[]


Ryo's soul is called upon a projection of Yamiko shortly after Yuki's death. She takes it and imbues it into the body that was formerly Ryuta and performs an ancient ritual to turn him into the eponymous Aragami, a vengeful spirit to be used as revenge against the Kaiho for nearly succeeding in defeating her and Nisshoku.[2]

He is put on a quest to recover six talismans that are trapping the Shadow Empress, Yamiko. He succeeds in his quest, killing Hikaru and Sora along the way, unaware that they are actually his best friends in the Kaiho army. When he reaches the end of his path of darkness, he discovers that he is actually General Ryo of Kaiho. He now realizes that Yamiko was tricking him to entire time to free her and eliminate the generals of the Kaiho army. He says that Yamiko is never getting in his head again, initiating a battle of twin souls between the two. He uses his sword that he used when he was a general of Kaiho to defeat Yamiko, declaring that he wished there was another way to end it. They are both killed in an explosion of light.


Aragami's personality is that of Ryo; being rather stoic and vengeful in nature, Aragami sets out on his "mission" of helping Yamiko "and" the Shadow Empress regain her freedom with little memory of the past though shows much compassion for Yamiko's life and contempt against the actions of the Kaiho. [2]

Powers and Abilities[]

As Ryo[]

  • Vital essence: Born from the Saigosen clan, Ryo was a powerful adept who could use more than one type of essence in combat.[2]
  • Light essence: Originating from the Saigosen clan, Ryo is capable of using light essence proficiently. His skill in it's usage gives him inhuman speed in which was powerful enough to kill Dakudaga assassins even as a child.[2]
  • Life essence: Taught by Master Tsuyoshi, Ryo became proficient in using this essence, granting him healing abilities and the power of manipulating one's soul. He was likely a more powerful user than the rest of Kaiho.[2]
  • Master Swordsman: In combat, Ryo was a master swordsman capable of fighting Nisshoku forces. He would inherited his swordsmanship as Aragami and showcased skill in his alter-ego that surpasses Hikaru and Sora.[2]

Life essence Techniques[]

  • Sealing Technique: A forbidden technique that allows Ryo to seal one's soul into himself and utterly weaken their ability to call upon essence, Ryo was taught this technique by Master Tsuyoshi and used it alongside his friends in a attempt to defeat the Shadow Empress.[2]

As Aragami[]

  • Vital essence: In his current state, Aragami inherited much of his power from his previous life as Ryo and also a unique technique from Ryuta due to his body consisting of his armor.[2]
  • Shadow essence: As an Aragami, his entire body is composed of this essence and allows him to utilize shadow techniques unique to him though he did note that his shadow essence is not inherited from his being as a aragami, inferring that it was due to having a human soul.[2] This shadow essence is inherited from Yamiko's soul fragment he carries within him.[3]
  • Light essence: Despite his conflicting being, Aragami is able to utilize Light essence to a degree that made him proficient enough to redirect Hikaru's explosive blast by reflex. This skill is likely inherited from his lifetime as Ryo, as he was a astute master of such force, was a descendant of the Saigosen clan, and was trained under Master Tsuyoshi.[2]
  • Life essence: Due to his previous lifetime as Ryo, Aragami likely inherited and/or has knowledge of the usage of Life essence though he hasn't applied it after being turned into Aragami.[2]
  • Master Swordsman: Aragami inherited his skill from his lifetime as Ryo and was a extremely proficient swordsman and combatant able to easily defeat Kaiho captains and generals in his league during his previous life such as Hikaru and Sora. In battle, he was also capable of fighting the likes of Yamiko after regaining the majority of her power.[2]
  • Master Assassin: Aragami was a very proficient shadow assassin, capable of infiltrating Kaihou's secure locations, gathering intelligence for his missions, and stealthily operate out of the majority of Kaiho's line of sight.[2]

Shadow techniques[]

Defensive techniques
  • Sakkaku: A technique used to summon a decoy made up of shadows to distract an enemy. It can also explode into shadow, blinding nearby victims.[2]
  • Kage: A technique that renders Aragami invisible for a few seconds and completely dampen his sounds while active.[2]
  • Banmoku: A technique that reveals enemies around Aragami and their field of vision for a few seconds.[2]
  • Ryuta's technique: A technique Aragami inherited due to Ryo's soul being placed in Ryuta's armor, Aragami is able to conjure a shadow creation resembling a dragon in order to defend himself from attacks.[2]
Offensive techniques
  • Kunai: A technique that summons a kunai made up of shadows, capable of being rendered completely silent.[2]
  • Kurosuna: A technique in which Aragami throws a wave of shadow to blind a group of enemies.[2]
  • Shinen: A technique in which Aragami uses his Shadow essence to place a trap. When triggered, a group of enemies can be sucked into a vortex made of shadows. This trap can be placed either on the ground or on the back of an enemy.[2]
Aragami skills
  • Shadow Leap: A technique that allows Aragami to move instantly by leaping into shadows.[2]
  • Shadow Creation: A technique used to cast a path of shadows to move around his enviroment unnoticed to leap to previously lit surfaces with shadow leap.[2]
  • Shadow Kill: A technique that summons a beast to erase a target from the physical realm and recovers a rune from a equipped Shadow technique. Aragami's beast can resemble that of a Dragon or a Snake, reflecting the respective family crests of Ryuta and Orochi whose equipment he utilizes. .[2]

Life essence techniques[]

  • Sealing Technique: A forbidden technique that allows one to seal another's soul into himself and utterly weaken their ability to call upon essence, Aragami in his previous life was taught this technique by Master Tsuyoshi and used it alongside his friends in a attempt to defeat the Shadow Empress. As Aragami, it's assumed he still has knowledge of this technique.[2]


  • Aversion to Light: As an Aragami, a being of Shadow essence, Ryo in his reincarnated body is extremely weak against light. In brightly lit areas, he suffers from power loss. Focused light from Kaiho's weapons can also kill him in a single hit and sunlight is capable of ending his life.[2]




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