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Yamiko is the Empress of Nisshoku who summoned Aragami under the false notion of freeing her from Kaihou. She is also known more infamously as the Shadow Empress and is the enemy of the Kaihou. She is the main antagonist of Aragami.


As a child born to Inari, one of the leaders of Dakudaga, and Mitsuki, Yamiko experienced tradgedy at a young age when light adepts came to her home and killed her parents. She fled into the woods and stayed out of fear that her parents' killers were waiting for her to return. She eventually was picked up and raised by Hyo, becoming a powerful Shadow adept and later a Shadow assassin for Nisshoku. At the time, her team consisted of her and her friends, Ryuta and Orochi. The latter two were eventually killed by Light adepts from Saigosen whist trying to avenge the murder of Yamiko's parents. Her rage awoke her powers, leveling an entire city and killing everyone in it except herself.

She would then become the "Shadow Empress", and lead a campaign against the Kaihou (which were descended from the Saigosen). She was ultimately defeated by Ryo, Hikaru, Sora, and Yuki, having been sealed with her soul being split into five parts (four parts each being held by a member of Ryo's team). When Yuki died years later, a part of her soul manifested into the form seen throughout the story (that of the "Empress' aide). Yamiko then summons an Aragami to reclaim the fragments of her soul along with four talismans in order to free herself.

Eventually, Ryo (the Aragami she summoned) would fulfill her request, regaining his memories along the way and confronting her in a final duel upon discovering the truth of both their true natures. The light that erupted from her body upon being stabbed by Ryo's sword killed them both.


As Yamiko (the spirit girl that travels with you for most of the game), she is both kind to Aragami, and very resourceful/manipulative, only showing hints of her more ruthless and vengeful nature by complete accident.

As the Shadow Empress, all pretexts are gone, showing only the vengeful and power-mad "goddess" of the Nisshoku. However, she decides not exercise her full power right away to kill Aragami, preferring to play a game with him as thanks for rescuing her. This eventually leads to her downfall.


As Yamiko, she wears a light-blue/white cheongsam dress with a black sash around her waist, a gold necklace and gold accessories around her left bicep, right wrist, and left ankle. She also wear black shoes.

As the Shadow Empress, She trades her previous outfit for a torn, all-black ensemble with her hair styling itself into multiple tails similar to those of a kitsune.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shadow essence: Yamiko has great command over Shadow essence, and in her boss fight, she's able to use said essence to teleport, fly, and shoot shadow balls of varying intensity, even being able to shoot shadow balls directly from her body in all directions to try and hit Aragami. She's also highly resistant (if not just immune) to Shadow techniques both due to being a powerful Shadow Adept and being the one who gave Aragami his body and powers.
  • Master Assassin:


  • Light essence: However, despite her vast power, Yamiko is still weak against Light essence, as a light wave from Ryo's sword was able to damage her, knocking her out of the sky. She was also blinded by Kibo's light.


  • Yamiko was born on December 25, Year 29 of the Fifth Age[1]


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